About Us

Our Philosophy

At Calliope School of Music we believe in instilling more than just how to play. We seek to develop our students’ knowledge and techniques to empower them to learn, grow and create on their own.
Our private one-on-one lessons include proper technique, music fundamentals, sight-reading, ear training and theory regardless of the student’s age.

Our Teaching Methods

Most adults can recall taking music lessons as a children, they might be able to still recite a simple piece they practiced so much that they still remember the hand movements. However, most of these adults do not have the tools to pick these instruments back up and start learning again.
Methods of teaching by rote limit the students’ knowledge and create dependence on the teacher. These systems might create life-long students, but not life-long learners. Unlike other music schools and teachers we move past these detrimental methods to give our students a stronger basis of knowledge.
In the spirit of our namesake, the Greek Muse Calliope, our teachers work to inspire the artists of tomorrow. Our ultimate goal is to give our students all the tools and knowledge they need and the desire to become life-long learners, to move beyond their dependence on a teacher and learn on their own.

Our Students

Music education knows no age limit. We accommodate young children to adults. To give an age at which a child should start music lessons assumes all children are the same. Each child has different aptitudes and interests, one toddler could sit perfect at the piano while a 7 year old might not have the attention span.

Call us today and schedule a free assessment to see if they are ready to start lessons.

Our Teachers

In order to bring the students the best learning experience possible, all of our teachers are University educated in Music, highly experienced in musical performance and instruction.

Our Director

Brian Alan DeLaney is a young American composer and musician from Houston, Texas. His primary instruments include guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano and violin. He was classically trained in Music Theory and Composition at the University level.

He has performed in several community ensembles and in the orchestra of the College of the Mainland Theatre. His compositional style is influenced by many different compositional styles from the chant of the Middle Ages to the mathematical processes of Joseph Schillinger. He believes strongly in the synthesis of past musical styles but never stops looking for new modes of expression.
He actively composes for films, video games and classical performances. Ensembles and symphonies in Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia and Texas have premiered his classical works.