Voice Lessons | Sugar Land

Why Voice Lessons?

If you are interested in singing, whether you think you can or not, lessons  are vital for the improvement of you voice. Our instructors will cover how singing works as well as proper singing technique.

A wide range of styles is possible with the voice, from classical opera to jazz and pop, almost every genre of music may contain a vocal element. As with all of the lessons at Calliope School of Music, our voice lessons also provide training in music theory to aid the student in properly understanding not only the “how” of music but also the “why”.

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The Voice

The oldest form of musical expression, the voice has been around since the dawn of mankind. Its power of expression is what other instruments strive to be.

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What do We Cover in the Lessons?

The lessons topics such as:

  • Human anatomy and physiology as it relates to the physical process of singing.
  • Breathing and air support
  • Posture
  • Voice projection
  • Diction