Drum Lessons | Sugar Land

Why Drum Lessons?

Rhythm is considered by many to be the hardest part about music. Rhythm is also considered to be the most important part about music. As a drummer it is important to understand the fundamentals of rhythm and how to apply it effectively. With guidance the interdependence, and rudiments needed are developed with direction and focus, helping the student become the best drummer they can be.

As with all of the lessons at Calliope School of Music, our percussion lessons also provide training in music theory to aid the student in properly understanding not only the “how” of music but also the “why”.

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The Drums


Perhaps man’s oldest instrument, percussion has existed since we learned to hit two sticks together. Modern drummers are expected to understand a wide variety of instruments from the traditional kit of bass drum, snare a few toms and cymbals, to the extended pieces such as cowbell and timbales. Depending on the chosen style, percussionist may be called upon to use latin instruments such as bongos, or even orchestral percussion.

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What do We Cover in the Lessons?

The lessons include such topics as:

  • Rhythm
  • Notation
  • Technique
  • Improvisation
  • Sight reading
  • Rudiments